Silence of the mind

Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Silence of the mind is the beauty in itself. To listen to the bird, to the voice of a human being, to the politician, to the priest, to all the noise of propaganda that goes on, to listen completely silently. And then you will hear much more, you will see much more.

Now, that silence is not possible if your body, the organism, is not also completely still. Do you understand? If your body, the organ, with all its nervous responses, all the fidgeting, the ceaseless movement of fingers, the eyes, you know, the restlessness of the body – that must be completely still. Have you ever tried sitting completely still, without a single movement of the body, including the eyes? Do it some time and you’ll see. You may do it for five minutes or two minutes, that’s good enough – don’t say, ‘how am I to keep it for ten minutes, for an hour?’ – don’t, that’s greed! Do it for two minutes is enough. In that two minutes the whole of this thing is revealed, if you know how to look.”

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